First ever 100% Cork traction pad made in Portugal.

With a unique and innovative design, the Cork Traction Pad combines traction and comfort. Fully developed in Cork, this deck is equally or more resistant, durable and lightweight as the traditional Pads derived from Petrochemicals.

At a time when sustainability is increasingly a concept practiced in the world of Surf, the startup in Porto, Portugal – BEWATER ADPAT – is preparing to bring to the market the first ever Traction Pad made of agglomerated cork.

Natural, versatile and sustainable, the Cork Traction Pad is an excellent alternative to conventional traction pads, which are produced from petroleum materials and have a huge impact on global pollution.

The challenge: develop a functional deck which consists almost entirely of natural materials.
The result: a sustainable alternative for traction pads achieved after many studies and tests.

Ruben Verdadeiro – Executive director at BEWATER ADPAT is in the process of launching two models of Cork Traction Pads, under the brand name ECOPRO.
Selling price has not yet been determined.

An Artist, Designer and Surfer for over 20 years, Ruben Verdadeiro has already introduced the product to surfboards manufacturers, coaches and surfshops, who have received it with much curiosity and great enthusiasm.

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