Why Cork!

Organic and one of the world’s most
versatile materials

Cork is 100% natural, elastic, impermeable, lightweight, biodegradable, reusable and recyclable.

Is the outer bark of the cork oak tree, consists of cells like honeycombs filled with an air-like gas.

Cork Tree

Cork Forest

Produce a vast amount of oxygen, provides retention and storage over 20 million tonnes of CO2.

  • Combats climate change.
  • Prevents soil degradation.
  • Regulates the water cycle. 
  • Fights desertification
  • Creates employment.

Lince ibérico (Lynx pardinus) / JM Pérez de Ayala

From the first and second bark stripped, trees that are not ready to make stoppers.

And from the leftovers, shavings, pieces and waste from other cork industries .

After milled together this granules are the raw material to produce cork agglomerates.

Composite agglomerates are made from the agglomeration of these cork granules by a process of agglutination using pressure, heat and a binder.